San Diego TV news

Parker News Service has been providing copies of news stories since 1986. We record most local newscasts directly off-air and store such TV video clips indefinitely. Our broadcast monitoring capabilities start in San Diego and cover 50 states, 210 local news markets, and it’s done fast and affordable!  Beginning in April of 2006 we began a permanent archiving system for the following San Diego news stations: KUSI News At Ten, Good Morning San Diego, CBS8,  NEWS8,  FOX5 San Diego, KGTV ABC10, KNSD NBC7 News, FOX6 News At Ten, (CW6), KFMB The CW San Diego, Politically Speaking, Money Matters, KFMB News 8 (CBS8) (11am, 5pm, 6:30pm, 11pm) from April 2007 – current. We are the only tv news clipping service that offers these news archives.   For historic purposes these newscasts will be available forever. We are the only media monitoring service in San Diego with these archived newscasts. Segmento de noticias copia y clip de noticias Coco’s Fire, Carlsbad Fire, other breaking news fire coverage, and other breaking news is kept on file indefinitely, just for you.  The “Big Bay Boom” Fireworks spectacular is available, as well as interviews and segments of live shots of show participants. Were you interviewed live on TV?  Chances are we have it.   CIF All Sports Report segments are very popular requests. News clips are sent by email, by way of a download link, *our e-Clip service. We no longer offer clips on DVD, but can walk you through the download process.  Shelves of archived earthquake coverage, brushfires, funerals (Princess Diana, The Pope, Mother Teresa etc) presidential elections/ primaries, & Heavens Gate news clips are still available.  Remember Heavens Gate, in Rancho Santa Fe?  There are some newscasts from as far back as 1990 still on file.  The Tank Rampage, LAX Shooting, The October Wildfires, Presidential visits, military homecomings, breaking news, sports highlights, and various other news related shows are kept forever.   We’ve also archived September 11th and have most of the news from that week as the news unfolded.  President Obama just visited San Diego and shook a lot of hands, and we have it recorded and archived.  Download your own video copy today! Media Monitoring services available  in the event you’d like to order a newsclip. Print Media monitoring isn’t offered, but send us an email and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can possibly assist. We’re a small company with a LARGE library of  video clips and local news.  We record the news so you don’t have to!

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KUSI 9/51