Not a day goes by that a TV station gets a call from a viewer asking “how do I get a copy of a news story?”   Due to the uniqueness of broadcast monitoring / TV news clipping many questions arise… if there are any questions we did not answer below please don’t hesitate calling us during regular business hours 9:00am – 4:30pm PST 858-274-6397 ~274NEWS~  or for faster response, click to email us: news@parkernews.com

Can I get a copy of what the station didn’t air?

Do you record in HD?

Can I make copies of these discs?

How far back do you keep newscasts?

Can I return a video or DVD if it’s not the right clip?

Can I watch a news clip on your website?

How many newscasts do you record?

Can I rebroadcast or edit material I purchase from Parker News?

Why are your prices less than HALF of the other guys, and do you record UTTV?



Q: Can I get a copy of what the station didn’t air?

A: No. It is against the stations’ policy to release their ‘raw footage’ or material that does not make it on the air. Any inquiries for raw footage would be between you and the individual TV station.

Q: Do you record in HD and if so, can I get an HD DVD?

A: Much of the time, yes! It’s simply not cost effective to archive 42+ hours of local news indefinitely, so we’ve set up several stations for High Definition for a limited time. Feel free to ask!

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Q: Can I make copies of these discs?

A: What people do with and DVDs (and old VHS tapes) purchased by Parker News Service is up to them. However, it maybe be illegal to make copies (dubs) of copyrighted material, and the video that you purchase is copyrighted. At the beginning of each tape or DVD is a slate that states that the video material is copyrighted. If you are looking to edit this material remember, the station holds the copyright and it’s highly illegal. Please contact the station direct for website usage.

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Q: How far back do you keep newscasts?

A: Most broadcast material (from San Diego) is kept on file forever! We have began an extensive archiving system with some newscasts & stories dating back to April of 2006. Beginning January 2008 we keep all San Diego newscasts (and KTLA Morning News) on file forever.  Archived: Princess Diana’s funeral, Heaven’s Gate, many wildfires from San Diego, Ronald Reagan’s funeral, The Westerfield Trial, The OJ Chase, local Superbowl Specials, The Cedar Fires (2003), the Santana High School shootings, 9/11 coverage, most Military Homecomings, President Bush inauguration, Obama inauguration, Governor Schwarzeneggers “State of The State” addresses etc…. We record in house: All local San Diego newscasts and archive: Inside San Diego, Good Morning San Diego, Politically Speaking, Money Matters, About San Diego, Streetside San Diego, Sportswrap (NBC) PPR -Prep Pigskin Report and the ASR All Sports Report. Dave Scott ‘World Of Wonder’ is available. King Tut exhibit – San Diego Museum Of Art news clips available. Poinsettia Fire in Carlsbad breaking news is available. The Turko Files from KUSI are available dating back to 2006!

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Q: Can I return a video or DVD if it’s not the right clip?

A: No. We only provide you the segment that you inquire about. If you ask for a Sports Segment you will not get the Weather Report. If it’s an obvious error on our part the video can be replaced, but not be refunded. However, you will be notified in advance if there appears to be a discrepancy to what is on our Master newscasts and what you actually ordered then you will be notified.  If you purchase a DVD and it doesn’t play in your computer you may need another Media Player.  We recommend CD format for computer play, regardless of having a DVD drive in your computer.  We also suggest consulting with your web designer for web file preference. 

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Q: Can I watch a news clip on your website?

A: With over 42 hours of local news daily we cannot import and make available news clips on our website. There are many TV stations that have a Feed room or Video Page and/or a Videos section. Many people are able to download or rip the clip from there, and can only view it. Click above on the RATES tab for information on viewing and purchasing electronic news stories that we record, via an email link. Downloadable news clips is the way to go! Some of our work is posted on our YouTube channel – YouTube.com and search parkernews  

 noticia copia – segmento de noticias copia – Hablamos espanol! 

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Q: How many newscasts do you record?

A: We record all local newscasts in San Diego with access to national newscasts as well. Also linked to such Monitoring Service to provide you copies of news segments from most major markets. It totals around 38 hours a day in San Diego alone. Electronic news clips are available via a download link in your email. Call for more details. Clips from the 30 largest cities are available, including Televisa, XEWT, BBC, New York
Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Fresno, Houston, Detroit
Phoenix, Minneapolis, Miami, St. Louis, Tuscon, Orlando, Baltimore, Columbus, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Birmingham
Seattle, Tacoma, Austin, Honolulu, Palm Springs and more! All major cable news shows are accessible back 30 days. San Diego is kept on file forever! (see

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Q: Can we rebroadcast or edit material I purchase from Parker News?

A: Legally? No. We sell copies of news stories to the public for previewing and research. Each individual television station holds the copyright to these news stories, and editing or rebroadcasting such clips violates copyright laws. We suggest checking with the station first prior to posting video clips on YouTube or even your own personal site. Direct links to each station in San Diego is available by clicking on their logo on our main page.

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Q: Why are your prices so much lower than the other guys?

A: Some of the ‘other guys’ cater to large businesses and nationwide corporations. We tend to focus on the everyday consumer AND the large businesses. Most of our clients are Public Relation firms who require us to document their client’s TV appearances.  Compared to other monitoring services in San Diego and California, we offer a competitive price as well as having the LOWEST price available from any Monitor that is set up in San Diego, guaranteed! 

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